• The Importance of Choosing Concrete Driveway

    Concrete is the most chosen and favoured material for driveways. It is so because slabs that are made out of concrete are very strong and long lasting but also demand very small maintenance. Large areas of paving can have a rather nice value fairly because of combined strength and durability. On the other hand, concrete driveway is more expensive than gravel or asphalt driveway, although it is comparatively cheaper than a driveway formed with brick, cobblestone, or concrete pavers, and it also outlive any of this. Here is a list why it’s important to choose concrete driveway :

    • Lifecycle budget

    For some people, expense and budgets are the main consideration that supports their decision making. Gravel and asphalt driveway is cheaper which can be the primary benefit of choosing one or the other. Let’s see from the service life. Concrete driveway definitely has longer life, on average. The upfront cost of asphalt driveway might be less, but it gets higher, along with how high the maintenance is needed since it is prone to cracking, disintegrating and distorting caused by UV radiation, sun exposure, oxidation, water and chemicals. Concrete driveways ideally remain functional for 25 up to 50 years ahead, of course depends on how they are built and maintained. Its installation can cost double more than asphalt, however, the less maintenance expense is needed.

    • Reaction to heat and light

    Concrete pavements or driveways absorb less UV radiation from sun exposure rather than asphalt driveways, that makes them cooler and is a benefit during summer time. Although in the winter time, asphalt UV absorption is beneficial to keep the driveway hotter. Asphalt absorbs so much light that needs more lighting than standard concrete. Having a concrete driveway, energy savings multiply for a long time down the road. 

    • Maintenance Expense

    Concrete maintenance costs can be reduced by using the contraction joints and penetrating sealers to protect driveways against de-icers and moisture absorption and isolate cracking when the concrete shrinks. Occasional periodic sealcoating is needed for asphalt driveway since the binder dries out but does not usually last as long as concrete driveways. 

    • Environmental attention

    Concrete driveways demand lower embodied energy costs and less energy to overall both produce and place concrete which makes them environmentally friendly paving solution. Unlike concrete pavements, asphalt pavements is required to heat hot mix asphalt up to 200-250 degrees F. The need of sealcoating an asphalt driveway is more often and consumes more petroleum products even though the life expectancy is way less than concrete driveways. 

    Although driveways can continue for decades, you will need to change it ultimately. The driveway is one of the first things that people notice when they approach your home. And the driveways are the most used surface too.  Concrete is a very versatile material and there are a number of design opportunities in terms of color, texture and finishing you can opt for. 

    How do you install a concrete driveways?

    Installing a concrete driveway is to be done by a contractor so you definitely should select the right contractor. Mas Concrete is a leading company for installing concrete driveways both in industrial as well as residential in Sydney area. We are highly skilled and have more than 20 years of experience in the business and provide nothing less than excellent services to our customers. You can keep your trust in us without any doubts. We keep in touch with homeowners and contractors to understand their requirements, which we will be glad to hear. Call us on 02 9555 9690 or email us through this form and we will promptly get in touch with you for any inquiries about our services. 

  • The Significance of Repairing Foundation Cracks

    You come across a crack within your foundation and contemplate, what is the big deal? The crack is so small, it will not bring any harm. Regrettably, this kind of thinking can rapidly lead to significant catastrophe, major expense and unwanted aggravations. Learning the significance of fixing foundation cracks premise owners should act swiftly to counter even more damage and deterioration.

    The creation of a crack in the foundation of a premise will keep up in growing and expanding over time. The majority of foundations are solid and with visibility to the components such as standard wear and tear, fractures can develop. When you discover a foundation crack, do not worry. It is a normal happening but does call for an efficient and excellent repair.

    Why Repair Cracks in the Foundation?

    Fixing a crack can prevent issues from happening in the future. A small crack is frequently overlooked by premise owners, however, this can soon develop into a significant resource of damage. Foundation cracks will carry on to expand if not repaired. It can create an entrance for dampness and water to go into the premise.

    A foundation is subject to the normal process of expansion and contraction. Over time, what seems to be a small crack can shortly become a big crack. It can trigger a number of problems. The worse yet case situation being an affected construction and danger to the whole premise.

    Basement spaces are subject to the increase of water through foundation cracks. During the course of heavy rainfall or intervals of water damage, the basement can get flooded too. You can prevent the difficulties of clearing out a basement or throwing furniture mainly because formerly small foundation problems turned into immense damage.

    When to Contact a Professional Foundation Repair?

    Cracks that have established all-around the corners of foundations or several foundation fractures need to be examined by structural technicians. A fracture that flows from the foundation into the internally connected property wall space needs prompt attention. Do not postpone working on fractures that could damage the state and the safety of your premise.

    Do not try to mask or mend fractures or cracks in the foundation without having the premise examined. Learning about the underlying cause for the issue will help obtain the appropriate repair works that endure. Excellent quality crack fixes give peace of mind that your house is protected and secure. It will restrict water from getting into the lowered levels. Regular property maintenance such as foundation assessments can save you money, time and the danger of dangers from taking place in the future.


    Who should deal with your foundation cracks repair? 

    When you will settle for nothing but the best concrete foundation contractors for your commercial or residential project, the only company you need to contact is Mas Concrete. We are a force to reckon within this field and eagerly look forward to discussing your requirement with you.  We at Mas Concrete are renowned for our friendly and efficient concreting solutions. We have over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Our company services are much sought after. Take a look at why we are the preferred concrete foundation contractors in Sydney:

    • Experienced and vetted company
    • All workers are insured and certified
    • Highest-grade materials used
    • Follow all safety measures
    • Pre-project consultation & feasibility test conducted
    • On-schedule job completion
    • 100% customer satisfaction
    • Competitive pricing

    Give us a call on 02 9555 9690 and we’ll be glad to hear about your requirement. Alternatively, you can also email us through this Online Form, and we’ll get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

  • Signs That Your Driveway Needs to Be Replaced

    Sustaining the worth of your property begins from the outside and you want a driveway that looks speckless and appealing. Although driveways can continue for decades, you will need to change it ultimately. The following are a few signs to watch out for to learn whether or perhaps not your driveways need a new remodel.

    Visible cracks all over the place — Fractures or cracks are a revealing sign that your driveway requires to be changed. This is a typical problem that appears on both concrete and asphalt surfaces. Over time, dangerous chemicals such as gas and oil infiltrate the driveway area and worsen any cracks that have already developed. If you are now living in a location with cold temperatures during winter, there is a good chance that moisture and water can leak into the splits and expand once it freezes. Although small cracks can easily be repaired, it is the large ones that are wide, long and deep that you should be concerned with. 

    Issues with drainage — You will see your driveway is in great condition if it drains water with ease. However, in case you have water drainage issues, it can severely harm your driveway. An uneven or sloped driveway will occasionally have water running down the middle or even the side. The water ultimately leaks into the area and deteriorate the roadbed, leading to fractures and potholes.

    Weathered appearance — Your driveway is continuously confronted with the sun’s UV rays. This can result in fading from the driveway exterior where it oxidises and begins to get rid of the colour. When your driveway seems rough and weathered, these are indications that you need to change it. To ease the issue, you can employ an asphalt or concrete sealant to replace the authentic appearance of your driveway. This may not function if the driveway’s longevity had been compromised. In case the weathered look is associated with large cracks, it is far better to go with a total replacement.

    Lack of resealing — Concrete and asphalt driveways require resealing every 2 or 3 years to preserve their condition. This helps in avoiding cracks from establishing and tones up your driveway’s edges. If you have not resealed your driveway for a long time, possibilities are it has already endured slight to moderate cracks. Having your driveway resealed helps manage its durability and will most likely expand its lifespan before any severe issues establish. 

    It’s way past its prime — Through time, large cracks are bound to show up and when that happens, your driveway will look worn out. The majority of asphalt driveways have a life expectancy of fifteen to twenty years prior to complications occur. Years and several years of experience of rain, sunlight, and harmful chemicals can take their toll on your driveway, leading to potholes, fading, and a broad weathered look. At this stage, carrying out repairs are not worth the money and time because the issues are expected to resurface. Once this takes place, it is time to update your old driveway into a brand new one that looks much better and is more resistant to fading and cracking. You will be surprised as to how a brand new driveway can immediately increase your property’s curb charm. Not only that, but you will additionally save your car’s tyre and suspension system from unwanted damage.

    The driveway is one of the first things that people notice when they approach your home. And the driveways are the most used surface too.  Concrete is a very versatile material and there are a number of design opportunities in terms of colour, texture and finishing you can opt for. We at  Mas Concrete provide exceptional services for all your concrete driveways in Sydney needs 


    The moment you have purchased a house, amongst the numerous possible problems  you may face pertains to plumbing issues. When water begins dripping underneath a concrete slab in your home, this is referred to as a slab leak. If not addressed in good time, such leaks will pose serious health threats and eventually deteriorate the supporting structures of your home. In case there is a leaking slab, you can check with your range of plumber that has the competence and hardware to fix any damages. Nevertheless, with the health threats and serious structural problems that slab leaks are connected with, it is significantly important to learn the warning flag to take into consideration.

    • Wet spots on your floor

    Damp or warm spots on your flooring could be a sign of a leaky slab. Although problems such as a shower close to the slab or a leaking valve on the bathroom basin could trigger such spots, it will probably nevertheless be essential to determine the origin of the problem. A dripping or damaged heated water line below the slab could suggest something serious.

    • Sounds of running water

    When you discover sounds of running water while you are resting during the night and the house is peaceful, there is a possibility of a leaking slab. The issue has a tendency to generate a hissing or splashing noise in the walls. Amongst the best techniques to see whether you have a leaking slab is to shut all the running taps within  the house and pay attention to any noises of water running on the walls.

    • Increased water bills

    When you start to realise that your water bills have raised without having any understandable cause or rise in consumption, you should suspect a challenge in your plumbing system. Because such a leak can be tough to see with the bare eye, you are recommended to think of employing a plumbing expert to examine the system and determine any potential issues. Inability to fix such problems can result in problems for your property as well as big financial losses.

    • Movement of the foundation

    In many cases, a slab that leaks may end up in fractures and motion of your home’s foundation. In the event the problem is not identified and mended in good time, dripping water from the below ground pipes will move downward. Following some time, the water will see its way through the slabs as well as get to the foundation. Because water can impact the structural integrity of your home by disrupting with the entire stability of the premises, you should get a hold of professionals who understand how to mend plumbing problems and a foundation as well.

    • Drop in water pressure

    Some of the main reasons why you can experience low pressure level of water consist of accumulation of minerals in the pipelines, defective valves as well as dirt in the water. Nevertheless, there are occasions when the issue will due to a leaking slab. When you are to locate the precise trigger of the trouble, you are recommended to run water so as to determine the areas with low pressure. You can then get in touch with a specialist to handle the leaking slab.

    Meanwhile, in the event that you need to construct a concrete slab foundation,  there is no doubt about the fact that concrete slab is very strong and durable for all types of construction, it’s important that the job be handled by a concrete contractor that has extensive experience in this space. We at Mas Concrete are one of the leading concrete slab contractors in Sydney.


  • Concrete and Its Typical Problems

    Concrete is one of the main materials that we use when we need to build a house. Even though it gains popularity to its versatility and durability, concrete still have some problems that can prevent the material from achieving its longevity. These are some common problems that you could face when using concrete as material for your house:

    ● Blistering This problem comes when there are bums on fresh or hardened concrete surface. There are some factors that make this condition occurs such as entrapped air or bleed water rises to the sealed concrete surface. Not only making concrete looks bad when it hardens, it also can cause break under stress. Some misapplying method such us to much vibration during compaction, to early sealing the concrete surface, or even setting concrete over vapour barrier making this problem occurs at the first place.

    ● Dusting When blistering comes as bums, dusting come as powdery material on hardened concrete surface. A thin, weak and permeable layer consisting of water, cement and fine aggregates is the responsible agent to this problem. This also a sign that concrete surface is weak and vulnerable. There is some cause for this problem such us improper cure of concrete, exposure of carbon dioxide in plastic state and finishing the operation while bleed water is at the concrete surface. ● Scaling Still problem that appear when concrete hardened, scaling appears as flaking or peeling. Not like the other two, scaling comes in different degrees such as light, medium, severe, and very severe. The degrees measured by how depth and radius of concrete surface that breaks off and keep peeling away. In the end, scaling can cause concrete to loss of its surface. The reason for this problem is non-air entrained concrete was exposed to freeze-thaw cycles, inadequate concrete strength, or inadequate curing procedure.

    ● Cracking Cracking is one of the most common problems of concrete that we face daily and unpreventable but still it can be controlled. There are so many factor that can affect this condition such as drying shrinkage, sub-grade settlement, applied loads and thermal contraction. The crack on the wall have some different case, the crack is acceptable if not too wide or isn’t leaking water.

    ● Crazing Crazing is less dangerous problem that could occur on your concrete, yet it often come repeatedly. Come interconnected fine crack or when the paste comes up to the surface and shrinks are the reason of crazing occurs. It won’t affect the concrete strength but when the slab is dump cracks might started to show up.

    ● Discolouration is the least problematic between the other, yet it will make your concrete surface look bad. When you are using the wrong batch and material this will cause this problem. Besides, it also occurred when there are sudden changes to cement material, rushing the operation or even if there is calcium chloride added. These are some common concrete problem that you might face when you try to build a house. You can find some tips and tricks to get rid of each problem on the interned or by contacting your skilled friend who knows best about concrete. This might cost you some effort and time to search one by one or even try to identify the problem that occurs.

    For you who live in Sydney, you are highly recommend work with Mas Concrete as your partner to solve all your concrete needs. They already have 30 years of experience in this industry and already giving outstanding services to residential and commercial customers. Not only experience, this company has all worker citified and only use highest-grade materials.

  • Concrete: The Ultimate Choice for Construction Material

    You can find a great number of options in terms of building sturdy, professional structures. Whether or not your construction needs are, be it residential, commercial, or industrial in general, you’ll likely encounter concrete as a possible building material. For all reasons, concrete is a wonderful substance which is a very important asset to your finished product. There are many solid reasons that concrete is a wonderful choice.

    Durable & Long Lasting

    Concrete is regarded as those materials that will not require constant upkeep. After laying the concrete and completing any desired finishes, your driveway, concrete slab, car parking, garage floor, or any other structure is ready to use it. As a long-lasting material, it’s possible to have confidence that your particular concrete construction can last for many years, seeming to even strengthen as we grow older. The durability and reliability for this material the most critical indicators with its continued use and popularity throughout Australia, and throughout the world.

    Resistant to Weather & Damage

    One reason why concrete lasts way too long and maintains its good shape is mainly because it resists damage very well. Water is unable to permeate concrete, so water damage and mould and erosion are unlikely. In storms and heavy winds, concrete stands firm. Even earthquakes are a good match for concrete—it withstands enormous pressure level and carries out extremely well even yet in the facial skin of a trembling earth. When concrete is employed as an outer surface for a structure (such as for example in a home’s concrete foundation),  it may stop the influx of water, chemicals, or any other substances, adding an essential protective layer and assisting to uphold the structural integrity of the project. Concreting in commercial settings such as factories as well as other large buildings, require higher amount of resilience and strength compared to residential settings. Heavy load is generally shifted from location to another in a commercial space.

    Easy Clean Up

    Concrete driveways, ramps, slabs, floors, as well as other surfaces are prized as a result of durability, strength, and an amazingly easy tidy up process. Unlike timber flooring, which requires specialised cleaning and maintenance attention, concrete has anti-absorption properties and a straightforward clean surface. More often than not, you can just wash away dirt and debris from concrete using plain water.

    Concrete is Sustainable

    Sustainability is starting to become increasingly important, it is comforting to learn that concrete meets what’s needed. Concrete is fully renewable (in fact, most of the concrete used is recycled concrete) and do not loses its strength or any other benefits. The recyclability factor is an essential part to be an eco-friendly material. However constructing with concrete furthermore reduces other earth-damaging operations. Since a material requiring minimal maintenance and upkeep, the usage concrete saves on resources and emissions. In addition, it really is an energy-saving material by itself. Buildings built with concrete maintain their heat and air cooling very well as a result of the associated thermal mass. It therefore costs less to heat or cool concrete buildings, saving from the global energy drain.

    If you are convinced that concrete could be the right construction material for your needs, you can start looking around for concrete companies that’ll be prepared to work with you on any floor or ceiling of the residential or commercial building.

    Whenever you need concrete, it is best to hire professional concrete services that are equipped with highly skilled and experienced workers like Mas Concrete. Choose to rely on a concrete service provider that can complete every undertaken job on time, following all safety measures precisely.

  • Mas Concrete – Concrete services Sydney

    There is nothing more important for a building than a strong and dependable foundation. It could be a regular house or an office block, a factory or a skyscraper, a corner store or a full fledged mall – we know they all stand tall and steady on the foundation that is laid. And this base is all about concrete. So are we at Mas Concrete. As the leading concrete services company in Sydney, our mission for the last three decades has been to ensure that the buildings we lay the foundation for stand rock solid for all times to come.
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