Concrete and Its Typical Problems

Concrete is one of the main materials that we use when we need to build a house. Even though it gains popularity to its versatility and durability, concrete still have some problems that can prevent the material from achieving its longevity. These are some common problems that you could face when using concrete as material for your house:

● Blistering This problem comes when there are bums on fresh or hardened concrete surface. There are some factors that make this condition occurs such as entrapped air or bleed water rises to the sealed concrete surface. Not only making concrete looks bad when it hardens, it also can cause break under stress. Some misapplying method such us to much vibration during compaction, to early sealing the concrete surface, or even setting concrete over vapour barrier making this problem occurs at the first place.

● Dusting When blistering comes as bums, dusting come as powdery material on hardened concrete surface. A thin, weak and permeable layer consisting of water, cement and fine aggregates is the responsible agent to this problem. This also a sign that concrete surface is weak and vulnerable. There is some cause for this problem such us improper cure of concrete, exposure of carbon dioxide in plastic state and finishing the operation while bleed water is at the concrete surface. ● Scaling Still problem that appear when concrete hardened, scaling appears as flaking or peeling. Not like the other two, scaling comes in different degrees such as light, medium, severe, and very severe. The degrees measured by how depth and radius of concrete surface that breaks off and keep peeling away. In the end, scaling can cause concrete to loss of its surface. The reason for this problem is non-air entrained concrete was exposed to freeze-thaw cycles, inadequate concrete strength, or inadequate curing procedure.

● Cracking Cracking is one of the most common problems of concrete that we face daily and unpreventable but still it can be controlled. There are so many factor that can affect this condition such as drying shrinkage, sub-grade settlement, applied loads and thermal contraction. The crack on the wall have some different case, the crack is acceptable if not too wide or isn’t leaking water.

● Crazing Crazing is less dangerous problem that could occur on your concrete, yet it often come repeatedly. Come interconnected fine crack or when the paste comes up to the surface and shrinks are the reason of crazing occurs. It won’t affect the concrete strength but when the slab is dump cracks might started to show up.

● Discolouration is the least problematic between the other, yet it will make your concrete surface look bad. When you are using the wrong batch and material this will cause this problem. Besides, it also occurred when there are sudden changes to cement material, rushing the operation or even if there is calcium chloride added. These are some common concrete problem that you might face when you try to build a house. You can find some tips and tricks to get rid of each problem on the interned or by contacting your skilled friend who knows best about concrete. This might cost you some effort and time to search one by one or even try to identify the problem that occurs.

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