The moment you have purchased a house, amongst the numerous possible problems  you may face pertains to plumbing issues. When water begins dripping underneath a concrete slab in your home, this is referred to as a slab leak. If not addressed in good time, such leaks will pose serious health threats and eventually deteriorate the supporting structures of your home. In case there is a leaking slab, you can check with your range of plumber that has the competence and hardware to fix any damages. Nevertheless, with the health threats and serious structural problems that slab leaks are connected with, it is significantly important to learn the warning flag to take into consideration.

  • Wet spots on your floor

Damp or warm spots on your flooring could be a sign of a leaky slab. Although problems such as a shower close to the slab or a leaking valve on the bathroom basin could trigger such spots, it will probably nevertheless be essential to determine the origin of the problem. A dripping or damaged heated water line below the slab could suggest something serious.

  • Sounds of running water

When you discover sounds of running water while you are resting during the night and the house is peaceful, there is a possibility of a leaking slab. The issue has a tendency to generate a hissing or splashing noise in the walls. Amongst the best techniques to see whether you have a leaking slab is to shut all the running taps within  the house and pay attention to any noises of water running on the walls.

  • Increased water bills

When you start to realise that your water bills have raised without having any understandable cause or rise in consumption, you should suspect a challenge in your plumbing system. Because such a leak can be tough to see with the bare eye, you are recommended to think of employing a plumbing expert to examine the system and determine any potential issues. Inability to fix such problems can result in problems for your property as well as big financial losses.

  • Movement of the foundation

In many cases, a slab that leaks may end up in fractures and motion of your home’s foundation. In the event the problem is not identified and mended in good time, dripping water from the below ground pipes will move downward. Following some time, the water will see its way through the slabs as well as get to the foundation. Because water can impact the structural integrity of your home by disrupting with the entire stability of the premises, you should get a hold of professionals who understand how to mend plumbing problems and a foundation as well.

  • Drop in water pressure

Some of the main reasons why you can experience low pressure level of water consist of accumulation of minerals in the pipelines, defective valves as well as dirt in the water. Nevertheless, there are occasions when the issue will due to a leaking slab. When you are to locate the precise trigger of the trouble, you are recommended to run water so as to determine the areas with low pressure. You can then get in touch with a specialist to handle the leaking slab.

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