Mas Concrete – Dependable Concrete Driveways

If you need a new concrete driveway, Mas Concrete, Sydney, is here to help you. We offer you a wide variety of designs to build your driveways in concrete. Our designer concrete driveways can make a huge difference to your home landscaping. An aesthetically done concrete driveway can enhance your property value.

Why Choose Concrete Driveways?

Concrete is one of the most suitable materials for installing driveways. It has versatility, durability, good appearance and require low maintenance. A concrete driveway can go a long way in improving your home’s / property’s visual appeal. Concrete comes in a wide array of texture, colour and patterns. A concrete driveway is more like a landscape design these days. And, there is no better way to ensure the best quality work than to go to the experts – Mas Concrete, Sydney.

  • Concrete driveways are long lasting – A concreting job done well can last for more than thirty years, without much maintenance.
  • Suitable for all – Concrete driveways are suitable for homeowners, businesses and others.

How we go about it?

There are detailed steps to follow if you want to build a long lasting concrete driveway. At Mas Concrete, we go about our job in an orderly manner

  • Planning – We measure the size of the driveway, thickness, shape, texture and pattern and plan for the job.
  • Ordering Quality Concrete – Once everything is planned and prepared, ready mix concrete is ordered as per required specifications.
  • Site Preparation – The existing layers are removed and other necessary preparations done.
  • Placing & Finishing – Once the order is delivered, the ready mix is placed and finished as quickly as possible.
  • Curing – After finishing, proper curing of concrete (for up to seven days) is a must.
  • Joining – Joining work is undertaken as soon as finishing takes place.
  • Aftercare – We use sealers to ensure durability and ease of care.

Why Mas Concrete?

There are numerous reasons why you should choose us.

  • We have more than 20 years of experience
  • We offer highly specialised services
  • We have the capability to handle both small and big projects
  • Certified workers
  • We use only high quality material
  • We follow all the required safety measures
  • We offer pre-project consultation and feasibility test at no additional charge
  • We complete the job as promised
  • Our pricing is very competitive

Mas Concrete is the ideal solution provider for building or repairing your concrete driveways. To find out more call us at 0411 186 661 and one of our friendly representatives would help you with your requirements. You can also click here to request a free quote.